Wine producer since 1890
in the hills of Castilenti


Unaltered naturalness and passion.
A technological and noble reality.

The history of our winery, began as far back as 1890, when our great-grandfather's family decided to establish a wine estate, on the beautiful hills of Teramo by planting the first vines.

He chose the site with foresight and wisdom, as he was experienced and perspicacious enough to recognise its great potential.
The vineyard is located just 20 km away from the Gran Sasso (the highest mountain in the Apennines at 3000 m above sea level) and the imposing mountain peak forms an impressive background to the vines. The vineyard is also 20 kms from the sea. This ideal position between the sea and the mountain provides the necessary variations in temperature, as well as the gentle breezes that create favourable air circulation, which help the grapes to grow healthily. Even the soil has unique characteristics, thanks to its clay-limestone texture and the spring water which flows in abundance beneath the soil.

Today San Lorenzo is the largest family-run winery in the province of Teramo, with 150 hectares in a single large plot that stretches over the crests of three hills. Set within the geometrical rows of the vines are three small lakes whose intense green colour mirrors the clear blue sky on cloudless days.

As far as the eye can see are row after row of vines, interlaced with small country paths lined with cypress trees, and dotted with old farmhouses, which have been carefully renovated to accommodate our guests and to share moments of conviviality.

Today it’s not enough to get a long history and the full respect of the tradition to reach the success, it’s needed a strong attitude to innovate and changing.
For these reasons we chosen the most advanced production technologies like the usage of natural yeasts during the fermentation, the full temperature control during the whole vinification process, the usage of vacuum presses and cryo-maceration.

Thank’s to the balance between the tradition, that always gives us moment of reflection, and the most innovative techniques, we can produce very excellent wine like Escol docg Riserva, the Zerosolfiti and the Pecorino spumante brut.

Our family-run winery, guarantees to our customers the full control of all production processes of our wines: from the cultivation
of the vineyards to the wine enology aspects, from the bottling to the sales, also at our San Lorenzo’s branded stores.
Persistence, patience and dedication have been the roots of our success.